Why should you add a pop of colour to your sock drawer?

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Why should you add a pop of colour to your sock drawer?

They may not be deemed the sexiest of fashion accessories (for most), but you can tell a lot about a person from their sock drawer. It’s true. If you’ve only got your trusty plain blacks, your sock drawer definitely has a lot of room for improvement. The impact of colour on emotion has long been an interest to academics and artists alike. With people studying the effects of certain colours on mood, perception, for example, such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, ‘Theory of Colour’, the interest in colour does not appear to be fading. However, if you need some convincing, let’s think about those who have the equivalent of a rainbow in their sock drawers. These adventurous creatures should be envied and here’s why.

All about your mood
You may not know this, but colours can have an incredible impact on your mood and are actually a pretty powerful communication tool. You may be surprised to hear that black is typically associated with unhappiness, so sticking to your regular routine may be having a negative impact on your attitude towards the daily 9–5 and your approach to life, who knew?

However, if you choose to be a bit braver and explore a wider colour palette for your feet, it may have a positive impact on your mood and personality. For example, yellow is associated with warmth and happiness, which is why it’s considered to be one of the most cheerful colours of the rainbow. It’s a striking colour and will certainly catch attention when worn outside. Yet, yellow isn’t the only colour you should consider. If you have a stressful job, it would be worth searching for blue tones as it’s linked with calmness which can help to soothe any workplace worries. Or perhaps you’re a young professional looking to exude confidence and enthusiasm, then orange is most definitely your colour. Whatever your mood or the mood you would most like to project, you should own a pair of socks to match — just make sure you change them regularly for optimum sock etiquette (and hygiene).

Showcase your personality
It’s all the range in Silicon Valley, so the UK has a bit of catching up to do, but loud socks can help to showcase your personality and confidence levels with no subtly at all. Drawing attention to your feet before your face, adding colourful socks (or shoes) to any outfit can create an image of eccentricity without disrupting your overall style, however chic. Plus, this can also demonstrate the more approachable side of your personality. After all, what’s a better conversation starter than commenting on someone’s socks? No, we can’t think of anything either.

Demonstrate your success
We already know that colourful socks can help you to showcase confidence, but what you might not know is that they can also demonstrate professional success. According to Vickie Elmer at Quartz, wearing colourful socks in the boardroom can suggest that you have money and are therefore more successful, but they can also suggest that you’re happy to take risks and are happy to follow your own initiative. So if you’re looking to project an image of professional success, add a pop of colour to your sock drawer.

Socks can be pretty exciting and revealing, don’t you think? That’s why adding a pop of colour to your sock drawer isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, it should be a priority if you want to put your best foot forward, improve your mood and also assist you on the road to professional success, but who wouldn’t want that, really?

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